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Get Your FeverFilter By Calling 1-844-844-4483 Or Order Online
Get Your FeverFilter By Calling 1-844-844-4483 Or Order Online

Plug and Play Solution, No Technical Acumen Required

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Keep Everyone Safe

An added layer of protection for your team & customers.

Plug & Play

Easy to install. Have it working right out of the box. 


Employees and customers can quickly scan themselves.

Save Money

The best priced unmanned temperature screener available.

Perfect Temperature Screener For All Industries


Keep your customers and employees safe.

Office Buildings

A quick non-invasive way to screen employees and clients before entering your environment.


A FeverFilter device lets your customers get takeout or dine-in with confidence.

Nursing Homes

FeverFilter unmanned temperature screeners are essential for giving peace of mind to residents and staff.


FeverFilter is a perfect touch-free solution to safeguard who enters schools, letting them reopen with confidence.

Public Transit

Keep your riders safe and give them peace of mind with a FeverFilter temperature screener.

Government Buildings

Public spaces have to be the model of safety and efficiency in a new normal. FeverFilter devices make it easy to quickly indicate who has a fever and who doesn't.

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    FeverFilter Receives Health Canada Authorization

    Great News Canada! FeverFilter is now available for purchase. FeverFilter has received Health Canada authorization for sales as a COVID-19 product. This authorization allows FeverFilter to be sold throughout Canada through the FeverFilter website. FeverFilter provides unparalleled peace of mind...

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  • January 18, 2021 Adam Matlin

    Is It Safe To Go To The Gym During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Throughout the United States and Canada the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Spikes in cases are ongoing as record numbers of infections and deaths can be found all over. While certain areas are in lockdown or stay-at-home protocols, others have less restrictions. In...

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