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Is Wearing A Face Mask Dangerous?

More locations across the United States and Canada are making it mandatory to wear a face mask when in a public space. As COVID-19 continues to spread, face mask usage is now commonplace. Certain states, provinces and cities have mandated mandatory mask wearing ordinances. However, certain information being said states that wearing a mask is dangerous. It it true?

The answer is no. Wearing a mask is incredibly safe and also helps prevent the spread of viruses. Masks act as a safeguard, creating a physical barrier between your mouth/nose and the virus. When worn properly, masks significantly and easily reduce your chances of catching and spreading infections.

Masks are only dangerous if worn on a child under 2 or with someone that has severe respiratory issues. A mask may make it harder for the person to breath and with children it could be a choking hazard.

It's important to remember that not all masks are created equal. A simple cloth mask provides a certain level of protection, while an N95 provides an increased amount. And also it's important to keep in mind that a mask alone is not the optimal security measure. People should continue to thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands, social distance whenever possible and practice healthy life habits (exercise and balanced diet). 

Masks should be washed frequently and then air dried. Have multiple masks you can rotate and be aware that over time masks should be replaced. Keep a mask in your car, purse or anywhere else handy. It's proven that when worn properly masks are a key tool in keeping people healthy during these uncertain times.

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