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Chicago Immediately Expands Indoor Dining For Bars and Restaurants

If you live in Chicago we have good news! Indoors dining has immediately expanded for bars and restaurants in the Windy City. Both can now operate at 40% capacity due to positive results in the fight against COVID-19.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the announcement Tuesday, February 16th. The new rules on dining goes into effect immediately.

With patrons now being able to eat indoors, safety measures must be put in place for all restaurant and bar goers. This includes employees of the establishments as well. Health and temperature screenings, mask wearing when not at the table, social distancing, limited numbers of diners at each table, increased sanitizing and proper ventilation should all be in effect. If an employee has any symptoms they should not be allowed inside the establishment. Beyond that, all diners should have their information recorded on arrival to allow for contact tracing if a COVID-19 case is later identified.

The news of the opening of restaurants and increased capacity is a positive step for an industry that has been negatively affected with the pandemic. We must remember to “walk before we run” in regard to opening the economy though. COVID-19 is incredibly contagious, especially with new variants. So while the news is encouraging, we must still be vigilant to limit the spread of the virus.

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