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COVID-19 Infects Every Resident of Kansas Nursing Home, Kills 10

COVID-19 has unfortunately struck a Kansas nursing home with devastating results. All 62 residents of the Norton, Kansas nursing home were infected with COVID-19, with 10 of them dying from the virus. A portion of the staff at the nursing home were infected as well.

The residents are currently isolating and being treated by medical staff. No outside visitors are being allowed into the nursing home.

COVID-19 is an incredibly contagious virus, with seniors and individuals with existing medical conditions are especially vulnerable to infection. Nursing homes must take increased safety precautions during the pandemic to insure the well-being of their residents. These steps should include limited visitors, fever checks for both people entering the premises, staff and residents multiple times per day, mask wearing for all individuals, social distancing and ongoing hand washing/sanitizing. 

Visitors should only be allowed inside the nursing home on occasion. The more people that enter the building, the higher the risk of potential infection as you continue to include new possible contagion. If the nursing home is located in an area with a spike in infections, then halt all visitors until two weeks after the spike subsides. 

All individuals that feel sick, should instantly be quarantined. This is especially true for nursing homes, as they typically have many people in close proximity throughout the day. It's up to the residents and staff to be aware and as quickly as possible isolate anyone with symptoms. They then must contact trace and isolate those that were in contact with that person as well.

Nursing homes must continue to be vigilant as this horrible tragedy continues to show the risks associated with COVID-19. Nursing homes house seniors who are vulnerable to infection, so as the pandemic rages on, it's on all staff and residents to continue to be diligent in regards to safety. 

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