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Los Angeles COVID-19 Situation Hits Dangerously High Level

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge across the United States. The pinnacle of Coronavirus infections is Los Angeles County. Dangerously high infection rates are causing chaos in LA County hospitals, leaving doctors having to make difficult life or death decisions regarding COVID-19 patients.

Ambulance drivers are being told to ration oxygen. Even more alarming, they've been told not to transport patients with little chance of survival. Hospital officials say they only have the resources to focus on patients with higher chances of survival. 

It was announced yesterday that 20% of all people tested in LA County were diagnosed as positive for COVID-19. These astronomical numbers show the high risk of infection once a person leaves they're home. All residents have been told to shelter in place. This is further alarming as higher numbers are expected due to the Christmas holidays. 

All film crews have been forced to halt productions, while other businesses remain in lockdown. 

Currently 7600 people are hospitalized due to the virus. It is predicted that the number will rise to 9000 in two weeks. And in regards to COVID-19 related deaths, the number of daily deaths is expected to reach over 175.

It is important to practice all proper COVID-19 safety precautions to mitigate the risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Do not leave your home unless it's extremely necessary. Wear a mask whenever outside. Practice social distancing and wash/sanitize your hands regularly. 

The LA Times has an online tool which provides updated daily Los Angeles COVID-19 information. 

We wish everyone in Los Angeles a safe and healthy new year. We urge everyone to follow all local safety ordinances and be as vigilant as possible in regards to COVID-19 safeguards. 

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