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COVID-19 Winter Safety Tips

Winter is right around the corner. Cold snowy weather can be found in many areas across the United States and Canada. Holidays, outdoor activities and the want to congregate indoors are all common during this time of year. It's important to remember that the COVID-19 continues to spike throughout North America. Here are some COVID-19 winter safety tips to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

In colder weather it's natural to want to socialize indoors. During the holiday season or any cold weathered time, in past years we would invite people over and congregate inside. 2020 is no ordinary year. Physical distancing is a key tool to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Do not allow people outside your household pod inside your home. This is a key tool to keep you healthy during the winter months.

This winter continue to wear a mask when in any public setting. Masks are a key tool to protecting yourself and others against COVID-19. Make sure to wear them when indoors at a public space. They should also be warn outdoors as well. Masks are a simple but effective way to lower your chances of COVID-19 infection.

A common symptom of COVID-19 infection is an elevated temperature. This is why it's important to conduct temperature screenings at all places of work. Temperature screenings lower risk of infection as they can help you filter potentially sick individuals from entering your establishment. In winter, do not take the person's temperature the moment they enter the building. Have them wait for a moment, so their bodies can acclimatize to leaving the outdoor cold. 

We all must continue to wash and disinfect our hands as much as possible during the winter. Some people may want to lower the frequency due to skin possibly getting irritated due to the colder climate. It is important to continue to be diligent with washing and sanitizing as much as possible. 

It is anticipated that COVID-19 infections will continue to climb during the winter months. Regardless of where you live and your age, please take all necessary safety steps to fight the spread of COVID-19. These simple steps will greatly reduce your risk of infection. Continue to practice these winter COVID-19 safety steps as they are key to having a healthy and safe winter.

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