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Even With Mandatory Testing, Inbound Flights To Canada Contain COVID-19 Passengers

On January 7th it was announced that proof of a negative COVID-19 test would be necessary to travel to Canada on flights from various countries. Even with this new safety measure, over 70 international flights have contained travelers with COVID-19 infections. The latest, two flights from Haiti, had multiple infections and all travelers have been told to quarantine upon arrival in Montreal.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the Canadian government is considering a ban on foreign flights to Canada. This would be directly a result of the COVID-19 pandemic positivity rates increasing across the county. 

Currently a negative COVID-19 test is required for traveling. The issue is the results must be within 3 days of the flight. There are too many issues in regards to the testing protocol for this to be effective. The issues of false negatives, the person being COVID-19 positive and not developing symptoms by then or simply the traveler getting COVID-19 in the days following the test are all concerning.

Air travel requires passengers to be in close proximately to one another. Social distancing is impossible on a flight. Even with mask wearing, there is significant possibility of COVID-19 transmission. Especially when you consider 

The only way to truly make sure that COVID-19 is not transmitted through air travel is to limit the air travel during the recent surge in Coronavirus cases. Limiting the number of air travelers creates a safeguard against infection. Until there is the ability to do instant, accurate testing at the point of departure, air travel should be halted. 


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