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Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)
Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)

FeverFilter is Hiring - Jr. Sales Rep

The FeverFilter team is growing! We're looking for a Jr. Sales Representative to join the FeverFilter/Litens Health Inc team. This high growth opportunity is perfect for anyone looking to get into sales. We are looking to hire immediately.

You'll be selling an incredible high value low cost product that helps all sized business operate during the pandemic. The market for the device is large and our value proposition is strong.

FeverFilter is an out of the box, plug and play temperature screener. Completely unmanned and no-touch, a user stands 6 inches away from the device. Instantly their temperature is measured. If the user has an average temperature a green light and walk icon illuminates and a chime sounds. If they have an elevated temperature, a red light and stop icon illuminates, a buzzer sounds and a notification is sent via text message or email to a person on-site.

As a Junior Sales Representative you'll be mentored and taught how to achieve high volume sales. You'll be guided on how to prospect for new sales opportunities and how to close. The opportunity is perfect for someone looking to get into sales in a high growth position.

If you are interested in joining the FeverFilter sales team, please send your resume to We are looking to hire immediately.

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