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Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)
Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)

FeverFilter Receives Health Canada Authorization

Great News Canada! FeverFilter is now available for purchase.

FeverFilter has received Health Canada authorization for sales as a COVID-19 product. This authorization allows FeverFilter to be sold throughout Canada through the FeverFilter website.

FeverFilter provides unparalleled peace of mind during this uncertain times. FeverFilter is an unmanned, no-touch temperature screener. Easy to setup, FeverFilter instantaneously measures a users temperature. If the individual does not have an elevated temperature, a green light and walk icon illuminates and a chime sounds. If the user does have an elevated temperature, a red light and stop icon illuminates, a buzzer sounds and a notification is sent via email or text. 

FeverFilter takes minutes to setup and requires no technical acumen. The device is incredibly well engineered and comes with a 1-year warranty. Plus the FeverFilter mobile app is included free.

FeverFilter also comes with the ability to download usage information, which helps businesses adhere to all local COVID-19 compliance.

COVID-19 numbers continues to spike across Canada. Health Canada recommends all public locations and businesses conduct temperature screenings to safeguard their visitors and employees. FeverFilter is a low cost, easy solution that provides peace of mind for business owners and employees.

Get your FeverFilter today.



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