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Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)
Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)

FeverFilter's New TV Commercials

FeverFilter was created to help all locations operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Temperature screening is a key measure to safeguard employees, customers and students and limited the spread of COVID-19. We are pleased to share our new commercials, one for the US and one for Canada. These TV commercials highlight what makes FeverFilter the best way to temperature screen at your location.

The FeverFilter US Commercial:

The FeverFilter Canadian TV Commercial:

FeverFilter is a low cost, unmanned temperature screener that helps all businesses protect their employees and customers.

Easy to install, FeverFilter automatically temperature screens without labor. Perfect for all types of businesses, schools and various other locations, it's the most effective, safest way to provide temperature screening.

A user stands 6 inches away from the FeverFilter device. Instantly FeverFilter checks their temperature. If the user has an average temperature, a green light and walk icon illuminates and a chime sounds. This lets the user know they can safely enter the location. If the user has an elevated temperature, a red light and stop icon illuminates and a buzzer sounds. A notification is then automatically sent via text message or email. These alerts let the user and a contact person both know an elevated temperature has been detected, creating a safeguard for the location.

FeverFilter is a plug and play solution perfect for all locations. Setup takes less then 3 minutes and requires no technical acumen. FeverFilter comes with a free mobile app and a 1-year warranty. The device adheres to FDA COVID-19 requirements and has Health Canada approval.

Get your FeverFilter for only $399.99 USD/$499.99 CAD by clicking here

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