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Florida Hits New Highest Single Day COVID-19 Total

Alarming news out of Florida this weekend as the state has hit their highest total of new daily COVID-19 cases. Over 11450 people were diagnosed with Coronavirus throughout the state. The new cases can be found throughout the state.

Florida was one of the first states to reopen their economy. The lax restrictions, mixed with the warm weather and general government's strong push to jumpstart the economy has resulted in a significant spread of the virus. There currently is over 190,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state with 3702 deaths.

Floridians needs to take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With a large population of senior citizens, the continual spread of COVID-19 can be catastrophic.

What can Floridians do to protect themselves? The easiest things are to wear a mask, continue to social distance, wash your hands whenever possible and continue to stay home when you can. The wearing of masks is incredibly important as it is an easy to do solution that significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. Certain areas of Florida have made it mandatory to wear masks when in public areas. This is a great step toward combating the virus. Masks work.

Once more businesses open, temperature checks are a valuable tool to screen those that may be potentially sick. Beyond that, it is important for people who think they may be sick, or those that have been tested positive, stay home.



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