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Has Alabama's Economy Reopened?

States have begin opening their economy after locking down due to COVID-19. Each state varies in regards to reopening strategy. FeverFilter will be providing an ongoing series of blogs, highlighting each state and their stage of reopening. The first state we will focus on is Alabama.

Has Alabama reopened?

Alabama's stay at home order ended April 30th. The state transitioned to a safer at home model. That means certain establishments were able to reopen with safety protocols in place. 

What is open?

  • Retail stores are open with certain safety measures
  • Beaches are open
  • Gyms are open (as of May 11th)
  • Salons are open (as of May 11th)
  • Restaurants, bars and breweries are open
  • Entertainment venues are open (as of May 22nd)
  • Daycares are open
  • Summer camps are open

Information on the states reopening strategy can be found HERE

Number of Coronavirus cases in Alabama?

Alabama currently has over 30,000 reported cases of COVID-19. There has been 854 deaths thus far. The number of reported cases has risen significantly in June. This is due to the state reopening along with the increased number of tests administered.

We advise all residents of Alabama to continue to practice social distancing and wear masks when out in public. And all places of business should have proper safety protocols in place.


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