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Has Alaska's Economy Reopened?

Like all states, Alaska was effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being physically separated geographically and having a smaller population, has helped Alaska begin to reopen earlier than other states. With that said, has Alaska reopened their economy?

Alaska's Governor Mike Dunleavy reopened most of the economy April 24th. This was one of the first major openings in America. There were various safety protocols put in place upon businesses beginning to open up. These varied depending on the type of business. On May 22nd, all businesses were able to open at full capacity.

As of right now, all industries and places of worship are open with limited restrictions. 

It is advised that all Alaskans continue to practice social distancing and wear masks when in public. Continue to wash your hands whenever possible and when not possible use hand sanitizer. 

As of June 22nd, there has been 761 cases of coronavirus in Alaska and 12 deaths. Anchorage has been the most hit, with the highest numbers of confirmed cases and deaths. 

A great source of information regarding the spread of coronavirus in Alaska is the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. The site provides health tips, statistics and general information regarding the states's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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