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Has Iowa's Economy Reopened?

Much like all states, Iowa was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to population, location and other geographical factors, Iowa was able to avoid a stay-at-home order. How has Iowa been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and has Iowa's economy reopened?

Iowa's Governor Kim Reynolds ordered businesses to close March 17th, but like stated earlier the state was not under a stay-at-home order. Restrictions were eased May 1st in most counties. The remaining counties had restrictions loosened May 15th. 

Capacity limits were lifted June 10th for all businesses. Now in Iowa, all businesses are running at full capacity, with certain safety precautions in place.

As of June 30th, Iowa has had just under 29,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Of all Iowans that have been tested, 9.5% have been diagnosed as positive. 18-40 year old's are the largest age group to test positive, making up 47% of the total base. 

Polk County has the largest number of residents that have tested positive (over 6,000 confirmed cases).

We urge all Iowans to continue to be vigilant during these trying times. Continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask when in public, especially in an indoor environment. Wash your hands whenever possible and limit large gatherings. Personal responsibility is key to thwarting COVID-19.




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