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How Can You Safely Reopen Your Gym?

Slowly but surely the North American economy is starting to reopen. Some areas that continue to show large numbers of new Coronavirus cases may be in a holding pattern, but others that have implemented stringent protocols are now able to open businesses in phases. Gym safety is key at all times, but even more so now. If you are a gym owner and are about to reopen, how can you make sure you reopen safely?

First, limit the amount of people in your gym at one time. While your gym members are inside, continue to have them practice social distancing. This will help ensure a safer indoor environment. Stations should be at least 6 feet apart.

With a gym, cleanliness is incredibly important. Make sure that each piece of equipment is properly sanitized. A simple wipe down after a member is done with the equipment is not enough. Make sure that every weight, jump rope and mat is sprayed and properly wiped down.

Temperature screening is a recommended safeguard when staff and gym members are entering the establishment. This allows the location to filter out potentially sick individuals. High temperatures is a common easily screened symptom associated with various sicknesses. All individuals entering the location should be tested.

Masks are incredibly valuable and should be warn by both employees and members. Some cities mandate masks to be warn in all indoor and outdoor public locations. Even if it is not mandated by your local municipality, make sure that all staff and patrons are wearing a mask. This simple covering helps combat the spread of infectious diseases.

Gloves are also recommended when inside a gym. If gloves are not warn, then make sure to use hand sanitizer and wash your hands whenever possible. Clean hands are a key, simple way to stop the spread of viruses.

If you are able to, do activities outdoors. Utilize the parking lot if possible to hold classes. Outdoor environments possess less risks associated with the transmission of infectious diseases.

These simple steps can help you reopen your gym with confidence. Proper sanitation and screening of both staff and members, will help you create a safer space. Make sure to continue to practice these steps ongoing. It's the duty of the gym owner/manager to create a safer environment for their staff and membership. This is only done with ongoing diligence and attention to detail.

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