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How To Successfully Work From Home

The day to day routine has changed considerably since the COVID-19 outbreak and working from home has become commonplace. This is a major shift from typical routines and has forced many people to adapt to their new work environment. For some the change has been easy. However for most it's been difficult to adjust to the new work norm.

Even though the new normal has advantages such as reduced monthly costs for travel, parking, and food, and time-saving that would have spent commuting, people find it challenging to adapt to the home office environment. Here are some tips to help with working from home:

  1. Have a set workspace- Working from home requires a working environment that is suitable for your activities and in balance with your family's needs. Set up a quiet space and choose a comfortable chair.
  2. Manage your time– It is recommended to have a calendar, either in your email or a printed version on your desk. Take notes during your meetings and effectively organize your day.
  3. Be computer savvy – When you work from home, you probably won't have the helpful IT support available to assist you. However, learning how to fix and update applications can help things run more smoothly.
  4. Avoid procrastination– Do not postpone tasks and eliminate distractors, such as Social Media, the Internet, and TV Shows. During work hours, always prioritize your work demands.
  5. Set office hours – When you finish your workday, turn off your computer and take time for yourself. It will help you to have a good night of sleep and spend quality time with your family. 
  6. Improve your communication skills – You will probably need to write more emails or discuss important tasks via phone calls or communication and collaboration platforms. Being clear and direct in your communications will be helpful. And, of course, be gentle with your peers. 

It is important to create healthy work from home habits. Working from home seems to be a long term trend, as opposed to a short term stopgap solution. Follow the tips above and your likelihood for success and productivity will be greatly increased.


Applying these simple tips will help you to organize your activities and to be successful. Continue to enjoy the unique experience of working from home and have a great day!

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