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Is It Safe To Go To The Movies During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Throughout North America certain movie theaters are open while others are being forced to stay closed. This is based on where the area they are located is based on safety protocols. Even while COVID-19 numbers spike in certain states, movie theaters remain open. The question for prospective movie watchers is: is it safe to go to the movies during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The answer is yes, depending on where the theater is located and the steps being taken to safeguard their patrons. For example, Cineplex, a movie chain with operations throughout Canada has various safety protocols in place. Ongoing sanitization, mandatory gloves and masks for employees, physical distancing and plexiglass at all employee/customer touchpoints are a few of the safety steps in place. 

AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, has various safety measures in place as well. Enhanced cleaning procedures, unmanned ticketing and no-touch food services have been implemented. Upon reopening, AMC did not make masks mandatory for all movie-goers. In June however, masks became mandatory. Customers can either bring their own mask, or purchase a mask for $1. 

Yes, certain measures are in place, but again is it safe to go back to the movies during COVID-19? It is if theater-goers and works remain vigilant in safeguarded against COVID-19. Wear your mask at all times. Continue to wash and sanitize your hands. Distance properly in the theater. Most importantly, if you are feeling ill, stay home! 

As of Friday, October 9th, Ontario movie theatres were forced to close as part of the provincial rollback of COVID-19 recovery stage.The CEO of Cineplex, Ellis Jacob, voiced his displeasure, as they felt they were taking all necessary safety steps. 

If you are located in an area where movie theaters are open, use your best judgement to assess the risk of going. Wear a mask and adhere to all best practices. The risk of getting COVID-19 is low if you follow all necessary guidelines but if you feel uncomfortable then wait until later stages of reopening. 

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