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Lockdowns Loom As COVID-19 Cases Surge

COVID-19 is surging throughout the world. Cases continue to rise in various areas as people brace for an even further rise tying into the holiday season. It is projected that COVID-19 infections will reach record heights in January 2021.

Lockdowns are a safety measures that municipalities enact to curb rises in infection rates. Lockdowns are physically shut down various parts of the economy and schools, making individuals stay home, which in turn results in lower transmission of COVID-19. 

During the holidays we all must continue to be vigilant and safeguard ourselves against COVID-19 spread. Celebrate with only your household. Continue to wear masks whenever in a public setting. Wash and sanitize your hands continuously. Practice social distancing whenever necessary. Limit the times you leave your home. And if you are feeling ill, self-isolate.

COVID-19 is incredibly contagious. As we have been dealing with the pandemic for months, it is natural to undergo a level of fatigue in regards to safety protocols. We all must continue to take all necessary safety steps. This will protect you and others against COVID-19.

Make sure to follow all local lockdown protocols. If you are told to stay home, then stay home. Do not socialize/go into peoples homes if you are advised not to. Lockdowns are enacted to make sure health services are not overloaded. It is up to everyone to do their part so lockdowns can be lifted. 



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