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Get Your FeverFilter By Calling 1-844-844-4483 Or Order Online

New Kid Friendly COVID-19 Swish-Gargle Test

Good news for kids that can't handle the current nasal swab COVID-19 test! There's a new easy to do COVID-19 test designed for children that simply requires them to swish a saline solution in their mouth, gargle, then spit. Results are then available 72 hours later and the test is 98% accurate.

The test is part of a pilot project in Halifax, Nova Scotia at IWK and BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. 

This test is beneficial as it allows children to be tested quickly without discomfort. With schools throughout North America having students enter their facilities, rapid non-intrusive testing is essential. This helps safeguards students, teachers and the families of both as we attempt to educate during the pandemic.

As winter approaches testing is essential for everyone that starts to display certain symptoms. Sniffles, coughing and fevers are both symptoms of common colds and COVID-19. It is necessary to test to treat each accordingly. The Swish-Gargle test is a method that can easily be done anywhere, giving peace of mind through a non-intrusive testing method.

It is important to remember to continue all necessary health steps to protect yourself against COVID-19. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Wear a mask whenever in public. Continue to practice social distancing whenever possible. Fever check individuals entering all shared buildings. If you are not feeling well, get tested for COVID-19. Then after your test stay at home and isolate until you receive results. It is up to all of us to take these steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.


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