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Ontario COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rapidly Spike

Alarming news coming from Ontario regarding the stark increase in positive COVID-19 cases. This week Ontario has been averaging over 500 new cases per day. While this is concerning on it's on merit, new modelling suggests Ontario will be over 1000 new cases per day in October. 

There are many factors contributing to this increase in cases. First overall fatigue as set in with numerous people in regards to safeguarding against COVID-19. Social distancing, constantly washing your hands, wearing a mask and other safety measures require ongoing effort and attention. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many individuals have eased up. This malaise leads to an increase risk of transmission.

Second, school is back, which means numerous children are in close range throughout the day. While there are many safety measures in place, there are multiple times throughout the day where kids are in close range while not wearing masks. The intermingling of children, whether in their cohort or not, will lead to increase risk of COVID-19 infection. This is especially true when parents send children to school when they may be sick. 

Third, Ontario is in a later phase of reopening. This means indoor dining, gyms, bars and salons are all up and running. While there are many precautions in place to best protect patrons, there still in a level of risk associated with these activities. 

Lastly, social gatherings have increased and thusly contributed to the spread of COVID-19. Premier Ford recently lowered the amounts of people allowed to gather for social functions, however this safeguard isn't always followed and is difficult to enforce. 

To best protect all people living in Ontario during the pandemic it is important to stay vigilant against COVID-19. Please continue to social distance whenever possible. Remember to always wash or sanitize your hands. Temperature screen when having people enter indoor establishments. Continue to wear a mask when around other people outside your family circle. If you aren't feeling well, get tested for COVID-19 and self isolate. Ontario is in the beginning of it's true second wave, and it's on all residents of Ontario to contribute to limiting the spread of COVID-19 as best as possible.

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