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FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device

Ontario Eases Church Capacity Limits, 15% Indoor Capacity Allowed

March 15th, the Ontario government announced they were easing capacity limits for churches, synagogues and mosques effective immediately. Places of worship were allowed maximum 10 people for services, funerals, weddings and other events. The restrictions have eased somewhat, now allowing up to 15% indoor capacity. The changes to capacity limits are effective immediately.

This is a positive step for the faith based community. Places of worship have seen a strong need for their services during the pandemic. Assistance for those struggling during these though times has reinforced the essential need for places of worship. 

Ontario continues to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. While lockdown may be over, Infection rates are slowly beginning to rise once again. Moreover, the B.1.1.7 variant is becoming a dominant strain. This is alarming as it is far more contagious and lethal - recent studies have shown it's up to 55% more lethal in the elderly and those already sick. Balancing keeping the public safe with allowing more people to gather at places of worship is a challenge, but one worth focusing on.

The is an argument that it is unfair that LCBO (Liquor Commission Board of Ontario) stores can have 25% capacity, but places of worship can only have 10% capacity. If church patrons wear masks, practice social distancing, are temperature screened and wash/sanitize their hands, a safe environment can easily be created. Faith based services are essential as during hardships people need positivity and guidance. Churches, synagogues and mosques provide that essential lifeline. 

FeverFilter is proud to offer a discount to all faith based locations. Temperature screening creates a safer environment for all locations. We understand the extreme need of getting people inside churches, synagogues and mosques. For information on our Faith Based Discount, please call 1-844-844-4483.

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