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Ontario Government Considering Cancelling March Break

Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario provincial government is considering cancelling March Break for all Ontario schools. This comes during concerns about new COVID-19 variants and students transferring from remote learning back to in-class.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce is awaiting advice from Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams on his advice concerning cancelling March Break.

Cancelling March Break would instill a routine for students and allow parents freedom to focus on work. By limiting the social interaction outside of school, and bringing students back into their educational cohorts, the spread of the new variants would be controlled. Plus with children back in school, mobility is limited.

The March Break week off could be a catalyst for spread. Mobility would increase along with the potential of people breaking lockdown protocols. With Ontario seeing a recent dramatic reduction of COVID-19 infections, this risk may once again inflate case numbers. 

We at FeverFilter strongly advise the Ontario Government to cancel March Break. The risk of transmission of the new COVID-19 variants, along with the need for children to get back to in-class learning are strong enough reasons for cancellation. Ontario has done a great job lowering COVID-19 infection numbers. The lockdown has worked, and emergency rooms are no longer at capacity. Continue implementing all necessary safety measures to mitigate risk. Even if this means cancelling March Break. 


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