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Ontario's COVID-19 Third Wave Intensifies, ICU's Pass 400 Threshold

Ontario is in the midst of a third wave of COVID-19 infections, as Friday it was announced that the province has over 2000 cases (second day in a row with over 2000) and COVID-19 ICU patients has passed the critical 400 threshold with 401. The elevated numbers of infections is especially concerning as new more contagious COVID-19 variants continue to spread. While Ontario is expanding COVID-19 vaccinations to more age groups, the province has entered an extremely risky period. 

Ontario is in a tough position, as the economy has been shut for large periods of 2021. It is important to let certain businesses reopen, however it needs to be done carefully as COVID-19 numbers don't continue to spike and overwhelm local health resources. ICU cases threaten the health of others, as it clogs resources that are usually best served to all non COVID-19 related causes.

It is extremely important that all Ontarians continue to stay vigilant against COVID-19. We are now over a year into the pandemic and COVID-19 fatigue is inevitable. It is difficult to continuously safeguard yourself and your family. These safety steps require effort and sacrifice. We all must remember though that without continuing all safety best practices infections will rise.

Remember to practice social distancing, wear your mask at all times when in public, wash and sanitize your hands and if you are feeling ill stay home. Temperature screen at your place of work or any shared space. These steps will help limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep you, your friends and employees safe.

Even vaccinated individuals need to practice the safety steps above. It is still unknown if vaccinated people can transmit the virus. This is especially concerning when considering the new more transmissible variants.

Ontario Premier Rob Ford is considering imposing new restrictions in some high risk areas (Toronto and Peel Region). He is scheduled to speak regarding the increased spread of COVID-19 cases Friday afternoon.

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