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Predicted Spike In COVID-19 Hospitalizations Due To Irresponsible New Years Eve Parties

New Years Eve has come and gone, but unfortunately many people have forgotten we are in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 continues to ravage cities across the globe, infecting and killing too many individuals. Sadly, people in various areas continued to celebrate New Years Eve as if the pandemic didn't exist.

Various videos from Florida show people in Miami, Ybor City and Orlando without masks or social distancing during celebrations.

COVID-19 is easily spread and this risky behavior will unfortunately lead to a spike in infections. The lack of safeguarding (no mask wearing, disregarding social distancing, congregating indoors) greatly increases the odds of contracting COVID-19. All it takes is one sick individual to be amongst the crowd. Moreover, Florida is a state that is firmly dealing with rising numbers of infections.

At Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach Florida a New Years party was held where attendees disregarded COVID-19 safety rules. Partygoers again didn't wear masks, were in close spaces indoors without social distancing and shared foods. Video footage looks as if the party occurred before the pandemic.

Irresponsible behavior has consequences and unfortunately this will most likely lead to a further spike in COVID-19 infections. January is projected to have the highest number of new COVID-19 diagnoses. Health services throughout the world are preparing for an influx of people needing care. Sadly, a large number of hospitals are already pushing maximum capacity.

Toronto, Phoenix, Western North Carolina, Houston are just a few of the areas dealing with limited resources currently due to high numbers of COVID-19 infections. Hospital beds, medicine and medical personnel are already in short demand, and unfortunately due to this irresponsible behavior hospitals may not be able to service everyone needing help. Dire consequences result from people not taking all necessary safety steps - in this case an expected rise in deaths from COVID-19.

Please remember to practice all necessary safety measures to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Continue to social distance, wear a mask when in public and wash/sanitize your hands regularly. Stay home if you are not feeling well. Temperature screen your employees. Adhere to all local lockdown guidelines. We must remember that even though it's a new year, we continue to be in the midst of a global pandemic. It's up to all of us to continue to be disciplined to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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