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President Donald Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19

It was announced today that American President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, have both tested positive for COVID-19. Donald Trump, 74, is considered high risk due to his advanced age and being overweight. It is unknown how he contracted the virus. Melania Trump is 50 and is considered moderate risk.

Aides have stated that they noticed fatigue and other symptoms of COVID-19 with Donald Trump on Wednesday. At the time it was thought that it may be due to extreme travel and activity by the President. The illness was revealed Friday morning.

This news is obviously extremely concerning due to the the fact the President is ill. This also comes just over a month away from the United States' Presidential election. It will be seen how the illness effects the election, upcoming debates, Supreme Court nomination proceedings and other various notable events and issues.

President Donald Trump has in the past been a controversial figure in regards to the dissemination of COVID-19 information. In the past he has waffled on the severity of the virus, questioned the effectiveness of masks, been doubtful of the need to quarantine, pushed to reopen various states during spikes in Coronavirus infections and held large rallies without adhering to social distancing and mask guidelines. 

Tuesday night President Trump participated in a debate with former Vice President and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. While both individuals stood at a distance from each other, there is a chance of potential infection due to the spraying of droplets. 

The infection of President Trump shows the importance of being vigilant with protecting yourself against COVID-19 infection. When outdoors or in a public space everyone should wear a mask and practice social distancing. Wash and sanitize your hands as frequently as necessary. Temperature screening is incredibly important when entering shared areas. If you are feeling ill, stay home or get tested for COVID-19. 

All of us at FeverFilter wish President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a speedy recovery.


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