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Should You Trick Or Treat During The Pandemic?

All countries are trying to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Safety measures have been put in place to minimize spread of the Coronavirus. As a society we are attempting to balance safeguarding ourselves with continuing a certain level of social and economic normalcy. As we approach Halloween, many people are wondering if it's possible to trick or treat safely. Should you go trick or treating during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Certain doctors say to avoid trick or treating this year, while others say it can be done with certain modifications. In truth, the answer depends on multiple factors. First, where are you located? If you are in a COVID-19 hotspot, then you should probably skip trick or treating this year. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and the act of trick or treating requires individuals in close range of each other. Even if you are wearing a mask and practicing social distancing to the best of your ability, the best way to avoid the potential spreading of COVID-19 is to stay home.

Another factor in making a decision on whether to trick or treat is your personal health. If you or a family member are feeling ill, then there should be no thought of trick or treating. As stated earlier, COVID-19 is extremely easily transmissible, so you should not consider being around other people if you are not feeling well. Self-isolate and get tested if you are feeling any Coronavirus symptoms. 

Another thing to consider when deciding on whether to trick or treat or not, is how is your community's behavior in regards to COVID-19 safety protocols. Are people adhering to proper safeguards? Are masks commonplace? Do people practice social distancing? An overly relaxed attitude can easy lead to an increase of COVID-19 infections. If people are responsible and adhering to proper safety measures then trick or treating can be done (with certain modifications).

If you do decide to stay home, that doesn't mean your family cannot celebrate Halloween. Have your children dress up and bring trick or treating indoors. Let them still enjoy candy while watching a scary movie. Kids understand that 2020 is a unique year, one that requires modifying our behaviors due to the pandemic. 

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