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The Importance of Staying Vigilant As COVID-19 Infections Lower

Throughout North America, COVID-19 infection numbers continue to lower. Local safeguards have worked, leading to a reduction of spread. This is extremely positive news, as economies can begin to reopen, students can head back to school, and life can resume some sense of normalcy. It is important though that we all become extra vigilant as COVID-19 number lower.

Lower numbers can lead to a perception that COVID-19 is under control. These low infections didn’t happen by accident. They are directly a result of increased government instituted safeguards. With the media constantly reporting these lower numbers (which they should as daily updates on the state of the pandemic are incredibly important), the assessment of risk by the public can be minimized. A byproduct of this can be risky behavior - like congregating indoors with others, lack of social distancing or not wearing a mask when near others outside your household bubble.

Risky behavior becomes even more concerning when factoring in the increased transmission of new COVID-19 variants. Lack of proper safeguards can have catastrophic results with the ease of new variant spread.

During this critical time, it is important to continue all necessary safety precautions. Always continue to social distance and wear a mask when outside your home. Double mask whenever possible. If you are feeling ill, stay home. Wash and sanitize your hands as much as you can. Temperature screen at your work. These simple safety steps will help keep COVID-19 infection rates low.

We all must remember we are still directly in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is only when a large majority of people are vaccinated and there is a true herd immunity that we can truly ease our behaviors. We must continue to fight the malaise associated with a long, ongoing pandemic. We want to return to normal, but we can only when it is truly safe for everyone to relax our behaviors.


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