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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Face Mask

Masks are a key tool to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Mask wearing is strongly recommended by various health groups whenever you are in a public location. It's important to understand that not all masks are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a mask.

Proper Fit

Make sure the mask you purchase fits properly and is comfortable on your face. The mask must completely cover your mouth and nose. It should fit snuggly but not tight. The mask shouldn't have any open gaps around the edges. Make sure the mask reaches your chin, as it should continue to cover your mouth when you talk. Can you adjust the straps attached to the mask? This will help you properly fit it over your face. 


Any mask should be comfortable when being worn. Comfort is incredibly important as in order to be effective masks must be continuously used. Certain materials provide enhanced comfort. Try a mask made of bamboo or lightweight cotton. These materials are lightweight, breathable and will feel great on your face throughout the day.

Avoid Masks With Valves

Some masks contain a valve. This is to help make the mask more breathable. Avoid any mask that has these valves as they negate the effectiveness of the mask. Valves provide an opening for potential contaminated droplets. Use masks that provide full mouth and nose coverage. 

Adjustable Nose

Some masks have a wire included that can be adjusted to snuggly fit around the arch of your nose. This feature is great, as it provides increased comfort and a better fit. The mask will stay firmly on your face, even when you're talking. Look for this feature when choosing a mask.

Remember to continuously wear your mask whenever in a public location. Wash your face mask ongoing and replace your mask whenever necessary. Don't put your mask in your dryer, air dry instead. Have multiple masks so you can rotate them properly when cleaning. And remember that even when wearing a face mask you should continue to practice social distancing. 

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