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Tips To Make Your Mask More Effective Against COVID-19

Masks are an extremely effective tool in keeping someone safe against COVID-19. The CDC recommends universal mask wearing as it is a proven tool to limit the spread of the virus. Both cloth and medical masks are great safeguards. 38 states and the District of Columbia have universal mask mandates because of them being such an effective tool of stopping the spread of COVID-19. There are a few tips though, that will further help improve the effectiveness of your mask.

Recent research has shown that double mask wearing increases the safety of mask wearing. Have a medical mask then placing a cloth mask over it, will create an increased level of protection. Exposure to potentially infectious aerosols are decreased approximately 95% when masks are worn this way.

Another effective tip is to loop the back end of the strings of your mask. This creates a tighter fit over the users face. Lack of gaps and openings further help protect the mask wearing. Recent testing shows that this little adjustment also decreased the potential exposure to infectious aerosols 95%. 

A great mask tip to add additional protection is including a mask filters between the mask and your mouth. This filter acts as an additional layer of protection against the inhalation of COVID-19. The filter should be changed with every wearing. 

One last thing you can do to make your mask wearing more effective is adding a nylon covering over your mask. This covering will help form fit the mask over your mask and nose. The nylon is incredibly breathable, not adding discomfort to your mask usage. It does make it harder for COVID-19 particles to be unintentionally inhaled. 

Everyone should be wearing a mask when in a commonly used shared space. This is regardless of if you have been vaccinated or local levels of COVID-19 infection. Masks work in preventing the spread of COVID-19. They are an essential tool in safeguarding yourself and others. By adding the simple tips above, you'll further protect yourself and anyone you may be in proximity of. We all must continue to do all necessary safety steps to continue to combat COVID-19 spread.

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