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US New Coronavirus Daily Cases Top 50,000

Disturbing news out of the United States as new COVID-19 cases top over 50,000 per day. This dramatic jump comes after various states have reopened or loosened restrictions to their economies. The dramatic spike in cases is alarming.

Certain states have been more effected than others. More than half of states have seen large spikes in COVID-19 cases. California, Texas and Florida have seen the largest rise.

What can be done to counter this alarming spread? Citizens need to take precautions to safeguard themselves. Facemasks are an effective way to protect yourself and others. A proper fitting facemask that is worn properly helps limit the spread of Coronavirus. Regardless of where you're located or whether it's deemed mandatory by your local government, wear a facemask when you are indoors in a public environment.

Beyond that, individuals should consistently wash their hands and maintain proper social distancing. Temperature screening is also effective, as it filters out individuals that may have certain symptoms associated with various illnesses. 

Common sense is key during these difficult times. Avoid unnecessary risks and use proper judgement at all times. Only when certain steps are taken will COVID-19 ben conquered. 

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