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What is Temperature Screening?

During the pandemic,different businesses are beginning to reopen depending on location and type of industry. Certain safeguards are being implemented into workplaces and public spaces to prevent community spread. One proactive measure taken by some institutions is temperature screening.

Thermal testing or temperature screenings are located at building entrances.  People are prevented from entrance to rooms, stores, buildings if they have an elevated body temperature. This is an easy to identify symptom of sickness.

To conduct temperature screening safely, effectively, and non-invasively, institution owners should consider the following:

  • A reliable temperature screening device should be acquired from a third-party vendor,
  • Tester(s) must be trained to properly administer temperature test, ask screening questions, and understand the risks of testing others,
  • Tester(s) must be equipped with personal protective equipment,
  • Tester(s) must receive consent prior to administering the test,
  • A dedicated area must be should be designated for screening,
  • An individual that either fails the temperature test or answers yes to any flu-like symptoms, then that individual would be advised they cannot enter the premises, should return home and self-isolate, and to call their doctor to determine next steps.

In each state, province, or territory the regional human rights and privacy laws should be considered and respected. It is advised that employers become knowledgeable about what are the best pandemic safety practices in their city or township to make all employees, guests, and customers comfortable in this extraordinary time. The main takeaways for temperature screening are to understand consent, recording any cases in an effective manner, maintain privacy and test safely and respectfully.

All business that are open or looking to reopen should have a temperature screening device. Employees should have their temperature taken twice a day or every time they enter the building. This helps maintain a healthy work environment for all people at the location. 

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