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Where Can I Find Reliable Information During The Pandemic?

We live in confusing times. With the pandemic, new heath information is continuously coming at us from various sources. News coverage and social media have brought an influx of changing updates and potential 'fake-news’. This increases the chance of finding non-reputable news sources that may lead us to believe and act on information that is not true. COVID-19’s social distancing and stay at home measures have also created a difficulty to turn away and miss any daily developments shared by local broadcasters and social media apps.  Deciphering what is true and honest news is an everyday challenge as we rely on ourselves to be our own educators through this pandemic.

Questioning what is a truthful source is always the best place to start when determining quality information for informed decisions. It's important to not be fooled by a catchy headline you see on Facebook. Read the actual URL that the article is from. Is it a reputable source? A well circulated newspaper? Or a small blog written by opinion as opposed as fact?

A group of Doctors and a PhD Candidate highlighted some of the challenges of acquiring real news. They said “Putting our faith in the daily news is helpful but from the start of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the global spread of the virus has been mirrored by a global infodemic” of false information and fake news spread across new media platforms. This rapid emergence and spread of false information demonstrates worrying connections between public health, security and the prominence of fake news on social media that has long alarmed scholars. Survey results from IPSOS and BuzzFeed News showed that close to 75% of Americans surveyed believed fake news during the 2016 presidential election”

The big question is who can you trust for reliable information during the pandemic?

WHO (World Health Organization)

This organization provides an overview of multiple important topics regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, its most popular pages include but are not limited to a question and answer section, travel advice, media resources and even myth busters to understand the factual picture of how the world is handling the COVID-19 Crisis.

National Departments of Health

Health Canada and the United States Health and Human Services Department have tons of information on their websites. It states the guidelines and policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in businesses, communities and schools. Another great resource would be to reference your province, state, or territory for more region-specific information.

Well Regarded Newspapers/TV Sources

When looking for news during the pandemic, stick to the online sites of well regarded newspapers. The New York Times, Toronto Star, LA Times and CBC are all highly awarded, well regarded sites for quality information. 

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