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Where Can You Get COVID-19 Information?

As the pandemic continues to rage across North America, people rely on quality information providing verified facts. The internet is filled with misleading or false content concerning the Coronavirus. It's important to understand that not everything found online is fact. Here are some reliable sites that contain verified information concerning COVID-19.


Nation Public Radio's website has a fantastic COVID-19 tracker that provides ongoing updates of local COVID-19 cases. The site is updated daily and the content is verified. You can see where the virus is spiking and state-by-state risk levels. The site has tremendous depth and NPR is a reliable source.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has a detailed global dashboard that is continuously updated. Here you can see reliable data broken down by global geographical regions. If you are looking to see where things stand globally regarding the pandemic, this site will provide trusted information. 

Local News Sources

Every area has certain local news services delivering reliable COVID-19 information. These may be city specific TV/radio stations or newspapers. Some examples are the NY Times, LA TimesCTV News, CBC and USA Today. These are all long-standing trusted news sources that provide local ongoing information regarding the pandemic. 

Make sure that the information is verified. Stay away from getting information from personal blogs or through Facebook. These are echo chambers for misinformation. Just because someone has Dr before their name, doesn't mean they are writing factual information. In regards to the pandemic, only reliable on long-standing trusted sources for your COVID-19 information. 

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