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Who Is Litens Automotive Group?

Litens is a worldwide leader with numerous patents that revolutionized modern automotive powertrains. For over 40 years, Litens has been committed to excellence, as well as to fulfill customers’ needs with a continuous drive to adapt, design, and invent. Their high production standards have earned Litens a reputation for providing reliable, highly engineered solutions to every major global OEM. 

Besides this, the scope and depth of capabilities allow the company to have extensive control over the entire product realization process. This ensures that our parts are designed and produced to the highest standards of quality, function, robustness, and at the most competitive cost.

Litens is driven to produce the most innovative powertrain technologies and products in the world.

  • We strive to cultivate an environment that promotes the creation of new products that drive our customers.
  • We invent technologies that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We provide total engineered solutions that help our customers build better vehicles.

With the company’s extensive experience and portfolio of products designed to the highest standards (IATF 16949 & ISO14001 registered), it is well positioned to support the current and future needs of this fast-changing industry.

Our solutions

Litens is a global leader in power transmission technologies that improve efficiency resulting in tangible fuel economy and emissions benefits. To achieve those results and to develop new solutions, a profound understanding of powertrain architectures and their critical sub-systems, advanced engineering tools and motivated engineering teams is required. Because of this, our engineering and development teams work with advanced modeling tools to evaluate complex interactions. High technology test and data acquisition equipment to confirm physical results, vehicles and advanced simulators to understand customer usage and reliability are some of the tools available in our plants.

The company owns over 170 granted core patents and continues to respond to the ever-changing automotive industry by investing heavily in new technology, facilities, and people.

Our Entrepreneurial DNA

In 1979, Litens was formed by an entrepreneurial team that brought an innovative and groundbreaking idea to the market – the now universally applied automatic belt tensioner which introduced enormous changes to the industry. This patented product permanently influenced everything from engine and vehicle design to assembly to servicing. Its focus has not only been on the component design, but also on the fundamental mathematics and science of systems using design and analysis software, belt slip and properties measurement systems, testing system, reliability methods and so on.

Engineering is a key pillar of the company's success, as evidenced by its numerous innovations that enabled belt drives to evolve into highly engineered, efficient, and reliable systems. Litens' early experience shaped its philosophy and approach providing customers with superior value by offering deep expertise in the systems the company works. That approach has resulted in continued discoveries and innovations that have grown the company in terms of product breadth and global scope. As the industry and technology continue to change, the Litens exceptional engineering team continues to follow the same approach, support our customers' wish lists, learn, adapt, develop, and invent.

To know more about Litens, access our website.

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