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FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device
FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device

Why Doesn't FeverFilter Incorporate Biometrics?

FeverFilter is a smart temperature screener that gives locations the ability to temperature screen without labor at an incredibly low price. Easy to set up and use, FeverFilter provides instant temperature feedback to the user and also sends email/text high temperature notifications to an individual on site. FeverFilter does not incorporate biometric data with the temperature screening. 

Biometrics are body measurements and characteristics specific to individuals. For example, a fingerprint or retina scan are both biometrics. Biometrics link individuals when they are taken for various reasons. One of them could be temperature screenings.

Many states have outlawed temperature screenings that incorporate biometrics. Illinois, for one, has deemed biometric data being attached to temperature screening as an infringement on citizens rights. This is seen in the Illinois Biometrics Act. Any use of biometric temperature screeners may result in a large fine to the location.

FeverFilter has made a conscience choice to not include biometrics in our temperature screening. Our devices are simple to use and provide high-level peace of mind to all locations. They adhere to all local and regional safety regulations. FeverFilter provides unparalleled peace of mind for the everyone at the location in regards to safety and privacy.


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