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FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device
FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device

Why is FeverFilter Better Than A Handheld Thermometer?

Businesses and schools are looking to open and operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the key safeguards to protect employees and customers is temperature screening individuals that enter the location. To conduct these screenings, there are two options: a handheld no-touch thermometer or a FeverFilter temperature screener. Why is FeverFilter better than a handheld thermometer?

Unmanned, No Labor Required – Completely unmanned and autonomous, with FeverFilter nobody needs to be in close range of a potentially infected individual. FeverFilter is a significantly safer temperature screening solution for your staff and customers!

Smarter Solution – FeverFilter does the thinking for you, providing simple to follow Pass/Do Not Pass feedback to the user based on their temperature readings compared to the device’s set temperature threshold. This is quick, effective and less prone to error. It’s easy to use and requires zero effort from your employees.

Fixed Device - FeverFilter can be placed on a wall or mounted on a tripod. Unlike a handheld thermometer, FeverFilter won’t be misplaced, dropped or mishandled. It’s a better solution with less chance of user error.

Proactive Notifications - With FeverFilter when an elevated temperature is registered an alert email or text is automatically sent. This proactive notification system provides increased safeguarding for your location.

Dynamic and Intelligent – FeverFilter has the ability the adjust the unit’s temperature threshold based on either information gathered by the unit or geographical averages. Plus, updates will be pushed directly to your FeverFilter device, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest features.

Don't put your employees and customers in danger by using a handheld thermometer. Get an easy to use, reliable FeverFilter temperature screener today. You'll have unparalleled peace of mind with our incredibly well engineered, low cost device.

Order your FeverFilter at or call 1-844-844-4483.



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