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Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)
Flash Sale - 25% Off All FeverFilter Devices ($100 Savings)

Why Is FeverFilter The Best Temperature Screening Device?

Checking for elevated temperatures is a key way to safeguard your business, school or location against COVID-19. There are multiple ways to conduct temperature screenings at your business, school or building. It's important to understand that not all technology used for temperature screening is created equal. There are many factors to consider when deciding how to implement temperature checks. Here's why FeverFilter is hands down the best temperature screening device available.

FeverFilter is a no-touch, unmanned temperature screening device. Simple to use, FeverFilter requires no technical acumen. It's a true out of the box solution. The device is plug and play and can be set up in minutes. Other temperature screeners are far more complicated to install and for ongoing use. FeverFilter was engineered with the user in mind with the understanding that temperature screenings need to be quick and easy. Other temperature screeners are far more difficult and laborious.

With FeverFilter, an employee does not need to operate the device. The user also doesn't need to be physically touching the unit (they stand 6 inches away from the unit). Both of these facts differ greatly to handheld temperature screeners. Someone must actually hold the device, who then is in close range to a potentially sick individual. This method puts the individual at risk of possible infection.

Thermal imaging cameras require someone to be overseeing the imaging to then physically separate individuals with elevated temperatures. In both cases, the decision making process is done by an individual either in close range of someone who may have COVID-19 or directly by the device. With FeverFilter, no employee needs to be near the person being screened or the device. FeverFilter is a significantly better, automated temperature screening solution.

With FeverFilter, a person stands 6 inches away from the device and looks at two reflective lenses. The unit then instantaneously measures the individuals temperature. If they have an average temperature a green light and walk icon illuminates and a "go" noise sounds. If they have an elevated temperature, a red light and stop icon illuminates, a buzzer sounds, and a notification is sent via text message or email. This notification provides a key additional safeguard, letting someone onsite know that a person has registered a high temperature. 

FeverFilter is engineered and manufactured in North America by Litens Health Inc. The device has been extensively tested and has a .3 degree Celsius accuracy. It's incredibly durable and comes with a 1-year warranty. Most other temperature screeners are imported from China and white labelled. They are inaccurate and not durable. Beyond that they come with little safeguards in regards to reliability. 

With the pandemic effecting all businesses financially, price should be a factor in choosing a temperature screener. FeverFilter is significantly lower priced than other temperature screening devices. FeverFilter is only $399.99 and the mobile app is free. Compare that with a thermal imaging camera which can cost thousands of dollars. With FeverFilter, you're getting a superior, easier to use, truly autonomous solution. 

FeverFilter provides unparalleled peace of mind for all businesses, schools, government building or other establishments looking to stay open during the pandemic. The device is easy to use and low cost. Instant temperature screening is easy and requires no technical acumen. Get your FeverFilter today at


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