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FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device
FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device

What is FeverFilter?

Businesses want to reopen and operate, but during these uncertain times safety is paramount. Steps need to be taken to ensure proper protective measures are in place as small, midsized and large businesses attempt to operate. FeverFilter was created to give peace of mind to business owners, employees and customers. 

FeverFilter is an easy to use unmanned temperature screener, letting business owners cost-effectively open and operate their respective businesses quickly and safely.

FeverFilter is an easy to set up plug and play temperature screener that requires no technical acumen. A FeverFilter device provides unmanned instantaneous temperature screening, giving unparralelled peace of mind to employees and customers. FeverFilter does not require an employee to stand in close range of any potentially sick individuals. It's a better, safer solution.
A user stands 6 inches away from the FeverFilter unit and as they look towards the device’s reflective glasses their temperature is instantly taken. A green light illuminates along with a walking icon if their temperature is normal, while a red light and stop icon lights up if their temperature is above normal levels. An audible buzz sounds as well when a high temperature is detected. In addition, push notifications are sent to proactively notify specific employees, ensuring that individuals with high temperatures will not enter the location.

FeverFilter is an easy to set up, out of the box solution, that brings unmatched peace of mind to business owners, employees and customers. Open with confidence with a FeverFilter unmanned temperature screener.