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FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device
FeverFilter Flash Sale - Save $200 - Only $199.99 Per Device

FeverFilter Temperature Alerts

FeverFilter Temperature Alert

FeverFilter is the perfect solution for all locations as it provides instant notifications in the event of an elevated temperature measurement.

All FeverFilter devices have a set temperature threshold, which is controlled through the FeverFilter app. All temperatures measured by your device are then compared to the threshold and judged as acceptable or unacceptable for entry.

When a temperature below the threshold is detected, a green light and walk icon illuminates and a chime sounds. When an elevated temperature is detected, a red light and stop icon illuminates, a buzzer sounds and a FeverFilter Temperature Alert is sent via text message or email. This alert clearly shows which device detected the elevated temperature and the time of the triggered event. 

FeverFilter provides exceptional peace of mind for all business owners and managers, as it provides feedback to both the user and a designated contact. This provides multiple safeguards, helping creating an exceptionally safe space. 

Protect your location with FeverFilter today!